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Best man brother wearing a suit

Brother’s Best Man Speech | 2019 Guide With Examples

A Guide On A Brother's Best Man Speech:  Congratulations! You are the brother of the groom, and like a no brainer you are the best man, which means that you will be giving the best man speech (Why else would you be reading this guide, right?). Probably by now, you...
Man in suit standing next to a car

Tuxedo vs Suit – Differences & Styling Guide 2019

Tuxedo vs Suit - Guide 2019 Differences, What to wear, When to wear & How to wear. Tuxedo vs Suit: Formal events aren't an everyday occurrence in every man's calendars, but when they do come around, it is expected that your outfits match up to the grandeur of the occasion. Your formal wear...
The One - Men's Inexpensive men's cologne bottle

The Best Inexpensive Men’s Cologne – 2019

To smell good you don’t necessarily have to spend a fortune on buying a good cologne. There are many good colognes in the market that will make you smell good without putting much burden on your wallet either. We decided to make a list...
3 Jeans in different colors

Are Jeans Semi-Formal? | Lookswise Opinion

At Studliness we aim to create a resource for men where they can learn about fashion, get to know about new fashion trends, find the best products in different categories but most importantly get their fashion-related questions answered. Now a common question we often get asked and something that most...
One of the best money clip wallets and a bill

The best money clip wallet | Complete Buyers Guide 2019

Best Money Clip Wallets: Introduction: If you are looking to buy a new money clip wallet, we'd suggest you read this article first. We have made a list of the best money clip wallets that you can buy currently. Also, below the list we have a buyers guide that would help...