Beards are in fashion and everyone, be it an 18 year old young guy or 30 years old man, wants to grow a beard. Some people are just competitive beards-man, some hate shaving, some people like the manly look that you get when you grow a beard, and some of them just want to follow the trend. Now no matter which category you fall in, the grooming world is ready for your beautiful beard.

Grooming your beard is a long process that takes patience and time (Just as growing long hairs). If you use some good grooming products, you can easily achieve that thick and manly beard that you see see on celebrities, at the same time you can keep your beard healthy and get rid of issues such as itchiness and beard-dandruff (aka beardruff).

Oh, and beards can be really-really uncomfortable and itchy at times. Especially in the early stages (Good luck to you if you are in the early stages of growing a beard).

With the help of these grooming products not only can you make your beard look good, but you can also make it much more comfortable for yourself.

So to help you out with your beard, we have made a list of the top ten products that we think every guy who has a beard (or wants to grow one) should own to get a healthy, well-groomed beard.

Best Beard Care Products

Beard Oil:

Beard oils are a must-have for those who are serious about growing a beard. If there is only one thing you want to use for your beard, get a beard oil. They are one of the most common and most used beard care products. Beard oil helps you to pull off that well-groomed and shaped look that you see with most celebrities. It also makes your beard more comfortable by keeping your beard as well as the skin beneath it soft. It also helps with beard-ruff (A form of Dandruff). Most beard oils have a nice subtle scent as well. If you prefer a fragrance free beard oil, you can try Gentlemen’s Beard – Premium Beard Oil.

Beard oils are usually used in the morning, right after washing the beard.

Here are our top 3 favorite beard oils.

Honest Amish Classic Beard Oil

Just as the name suggests, a classic beard oil. Made from natural and organic ingredients, this beard oil helps in making your beard soft and conditions the skin. It relieves itch and helps new growth. This beard oil constitutes of minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants that help in nourishing your beard. It’s got a light woodsy scent, and it soaks into the beard very quickly. This beard oil has a long-lasting moisturizing effect.

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Burberry Beard Oil

A premium beard oil for those who really want to get the best beard oil with the best scent. This lightweight beard oil helps to soften, condition, and style the beard. It also helps in keeping the skin under the beard hydrated. The oil is light, non-greasy and gets easily absorbed. The Burberry beard oil is infused with the signature fragrance of Mr. Burberry. The scent is quite subtle and lasts long.

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Herbivore Botanicals Natural Beard Tonic

A natural beard oil. Made from a combination of natural plant oils. This natural oil helps to keep your beard look healthier and also moisturizes the skin beneath. It has a nice, light scent.

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Beard Shampoo:

Beard shampoos are developed differently as compared to hair shampoos and face washes. Both these are usually designed to remove oil, but in the case of beard, it needs oil. Oil helps the beard to stay soft and without it, the beard gets rough and itchy – something you should avoid. Beard shampoo helps in cleansing your beard and remove dirt or flakes that are trapped in the beard or below the beard on the skin. Good beard oil will do the cleaning without removing all of the essential oils from the skin. After using a beard shampoo, you get a smoother and softer beard. Beard shampoos are an absolute must-have for those with long beards but is equally beneficial for people with shorter beards. After using beard shampoo ideally one uses a beard conditioner. We will be covering beard conditioners next!

For now, here are some of our favorite beard shampoos:

Professor Fuzzworthy’s Beard Shampoo

The most famous beard shampoo. This beard shampoo is basically a soap bar. It lasts longer than most liquid shampoos and is also handy while traveling. The shampoo has a nice masculine woody scent.

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Viking Revolution Beard Wash & Beard Conditioner Set

A classic beard shampoo. This beard shampoo helps in hydrating your beard and skin. It cleans and softens your beard and gives it a nice fresh look. This beard shampoo contains natural scents of peppermint and eucalyptus.

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Beard Wash Shampoo by Ranger Grooming Co

Another great beard shampoo. It has a fresh tea tree and peppermint scent. Cleans the beard, makes it soft and gives it a nice pleasant shine.

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Beard and Moustache Wax:

Beard and mustache wax provides you with a hold that helps you style your mustache and beard the way you like. A good wax is the one which isn’t visible after use and doesn’t make your beard greasy. If you want to style your mustache or just want to try how a handlebar mustache would look on you, the wax is what you’d need. Ideally, this product is for those with longer beards, Here’s a list of our favorite waxes.


Seven Potions Beard Wax

A natural and organic beard wax that provides medium hold. The best thing about this wax is that it does the job, by providing hold, and still makes the beard look natural and not feel stiff.

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Badass Beard Care Beard Wax For Men

This beard wax helps soften your beard hair and makes your beard look and feel denser. It also has a nice scent.

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Honest Amish Original Beard Wax

Honest Amish is a well-known beard products brand. Many products of this brand are featured on this list mainly due to their reasonable price and great quality. This Beard wax is made from natural and organic Ingredients. Provides light control. There is also another Honest Amish wax which is called Honest Amish Slick Beard Wax. It provides Sheen and softens the beard but it provides no control. More suitable for people with shorter beards.

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Beard Balm:

Beard balms are a must have for anyone serious about their beards. They are just like beard oils but in a solid form and most importantly, they have a minute amount of wax in them. So the beard oils soften your beard and nourish it and the wax provides you with a hold. Best of both the worlds.

Here are our favorite beard balms:

Honest Amish Beard Balm

A product loved and used by many guys. One of the most famous beard care products. If you haven’t already tried it, now is the time! The Honest Amish Beard Balm helps you soften coarse and rogue Hairs. It also helps in stopping the Itch and eliminates beard-dandruff.

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Scotch Porter – All Natural Men’s Beard Balm

A modern and premium beard balm for those who want the best grooming products for their beard. This beard balm makes your beard soft to the touch and keeps it from looking dry and scruffy. It has gives the beard a nice natural shine and also has a nice scent.

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Beard Balm – Rocky Mountain Barber

Classic beard balm. This beard balm features over eight essential oils, and is an all-natural product with ingredients that will leave your beard feeling and looking amazing. This beard balm has a Cedarwood scent.

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Beard Comb:

If you are serious about your beard, you need something better then a cheap plastic comb to maintain your beard. For those with longer beards, it’s recommended that you use a beard comb with wide teeth. It helps in cleaning out the tangles in the beard. If you have fine hair, you should choose a beard comb with fine teeth. It helps in shaping and maintaining your beard. For longer beards its suggest that you choose a comb which is made from a stronger material, such as wood or metal. If you have a short beard with finer hair you can use a plastic beard if you want to.

Here are our favorite beard combs;

Baxter of California Comb

One of the most famous and common beard comb. Made from durable material and lasts long. The teeth are smoothly tapered and the tips are rounded which makes it very comfortable to use.

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Kent F3T Beard Comb

Made from strong and premium material, this comb is very smooth and comfortable to use.It is very durable and lasts long. A close to perfect comb.

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Beard Brush:

Brushing your beard is important because it helps exfoliate the skin and also train the hair to grow in a more uniform direction. It also helps in spreading the essential beard oils throughout the beard. Most beard brushes have either firm or soft bristles. Soft bristle beard brushes are recommended for those with a short beard, and firm for those with a long beard.

Here are our favorite beard brushes. We have listed a soft bristle brush and a firm one as well. You can choose depending on your beard length. (Soft for short – Firm for long beards)

ZilberHaar Beard Brush (Soft Bristles)

ZilberHaar is one of the goto brands for men’s beard brush. These beard brushes are made from good quality materials and help give shape to your beard as well as exfoliate your skin. The brush has soft boar bristles, which are effective on a shorter beard.

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ZilberHaar Beard Brush (Natural Firm)

Same brand but a different brush. The main difference is the bristles. This one has natural firm boar bristles. The bristles are firm enough to glide through very thick beards, to shape, clean, soften and distribute the oils throughout the beard.

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Beard trimmer:

At times one wants to groom its beard without completely getting rid of it. A trimmer comes into use there. Most people, especially those who don’t shave, have a beard trimmer which is used to trim beard, shape it, clean the sides and get rid of the neck hair. It’s a piece of very necessary equipment (for those growing a beard) and investment, if done right, could last for a long time. There are many great beard trimmers currently available in the market, here our are favorites.

Bevel Trimmer

The best beard trimmer – hands down. Even awarded with the best beard trimmer in GQs Grooming award for the best trimmer a few years back. This trimmer has a decent battery and can work with or without cord. Lookswise, it’s the nicest looking trimmer currently available on the market.

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Panasonic Hair and Beard Trimmer

Relatively cheaper trimmer but has great qualities. Comes with 39 adjustable trim settings. Can be used for the beard as well as hair.

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Beard razor:

You still need a razor, even if you have a beard. It helps in cleanups, touch-ups and shaving the edges of your neck and cheek line.

Here are some of our favorites;

Gillette Mach3 Men’s Disposable Razor

If you are looking for a cheap disposable razor, Gillette Mach 3 is amongst the best that you can get. It has 3 Progressively aligned Mach3 blades.

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Bevel Shave System

A full shaving kit, including everything you would need for a perfect shave. If you like to have the best of the best grooming stuff, this shaving kit is for you. The classy minimal design of this shaving kit is what makes it our favorite.

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Philips Norelco Electric Shaver 9700

Electric shavers have their own pros, for the one you don’t have to worry about replacing them constantly. Amongst electric shavers, the Philips Norelco Electric Shaver 9700 is our favorite.

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Grooming Scissors:

Just like razors and trimmers, scissors are also an important tool to have if you want to grow your beard and not look like a caveman. You can use them to do precise grooming, or cutting stray hairs.

ZEUS Beard Scissor

The classic beard trimming scissors. Made from high-quality durable material, these scissors are meant to last long. Our favorite beard grooming scissors.

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Sanguine Scissor

Relatively cheaper in price but a quality beard scissor. A perfect tool for precise cutting mustache, beard & brow hairs.

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Beard Conditioner:

A conditioner isn’t necessary although if you are really passionate about your beard, you can get one. Conditioners help in softening your beard, making the hair feel less brittle and overall conditions the beard.

Here’s the list of our favorite beard conditioners.

Scotch Porter Beard Conditioner

The scotch porter beard conditioner helps you to hydrate and nourish your beard. This conditioner revitalizes dry beard hair and gives the beard a niche shine. It also eliminates frizz and helps reduce beard dandruff (beard-ruff).

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Billy Jealousy Beard Control

The Billy Jealousy Beard control is a great product. It helps to condition and protects the beard and at the same time, it also gives the beard a light hold so you can style your beard it and have it conditioned at the same time.

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ZEN Hair & Beard Leave-In Conditioner Spray

A travel easy hair spray conditioner which can be used for both the beard as well as the hair. It has a nice scent.

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That’s it for our list of the best beard care products. We hope this helped you get a better understand of what types of products are used to take care of your beard and get that healthy, manly beard!


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