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Nike Sportswear Full-Zip Hoodie

The Nikes Sportswear Full-Zip Black Hoodie is a perfect top, providing a comfortable and cosy fit. The Hoodie has Scuba hood with drawstrings so you can adjust it according to your needs and it also has Split-Kangaroo pockets. The entire hoodie is in black color and their is a white Nike logo on the front, as can be seen in the pictures. The material used is 80% cotton and 20% polyester. Since the Hoodie comes with a Full-Zip, you can style it differently in your outfits, with an open zip and a nice light t-shit beneath that goes with the black hoodie.

Hurley Men’s Dri-Fit Solar Hoodie

The Hurley Dri-FiT Solar Hoodie is a beautiful and comfortable black hoodie by Hurley. It is a great black hoodie for casual wear. The Fabric used in the Hurley Dri-Fit Solar Hoodie is Dri-Fit 100% polyester, and its soft and comfortable. The Dri-Fit technology used in this hoodie keeps your dry and comfortable. It also has an adjustable hood and kangaroo pockets. The hoodie also has slide slits which allow you to move freely.


The Adidas Z.N.E Fast Release is a regular fit hoodie. This is a great black hoodie that you can use for casual wear or you can even use it at gym or sports. It has a full-zip, so have many options for styling it up, you can either keep the zip closed, or pair the Adidas Z.N.E Fast Release with a light coloured T-Shirt underneath. The hoodie also has zip pockets and drop shoulders. 

RVCA Black Hoodie

The RVCA Sport Pullover Hoodie is a classic black hoodie for casual wear. It has a RVCA branding logo on the front, which can be seen in the product images. The hoodie also has kangaroo pocket along with a hood with drawstrings so you can adjust the hood as you like.

Champions Men’s Powerblend Fleece Black Hoodie

The Champions Men’s Powerblend Fleece Hoodie is truly a classic hoodie which is comfortable as well as great looking, and if you are looking for a simple black hoodie with minimal branding, this Champions Men’s Powerblend Fleece Hoodie is a great option, although it has branding and logos on the hoodie buts its minimal compared to some of the other hoodies in this list. It has a hood with drawstring so you can adjust it for yourself and also has a kangaroo pocket.

Adidas Originals Men’s Trefoil Black Hoodie

The Adidas Originals adicolor pullover is a trendy streetwear hoodie. The black hoodie has a big Adidas logo on the front. It also has a hood with drawstrings and has no zip. 

Vans Classic pullover black hoodie 

This is the classic streetwear hoodie. The Vans Classic pullover hoodie is made up of 100% cotton. It has a hood with drawstrings, kangaroo pocket, and the classic Vans branding on the front of the hoodie. 

Jordan Jumpman Air Hoodie

The Jordan Jumpman Air Hoodie has the signature Jumpman logo on it. It has a soft and comfortable fabric and an adjustable hood with drawstrings and has kangaroo pocket. The overall design is very simple and clean with the jumpman logo in white on top. 

Todd Snyder + Champion Popover Hoodie In Black

The Todd Snyder + Champion Popover Hoodie is great casual wear hoodie.  The hoodie also has a Kangaroo pocket and has a log on the arm, overall its a very minimal and simple design, which can be seen in the product pictures. 

What type of hoodie is perfect for your body?

When you are buying a hoodie, you need to make sure that it would look good on your body. Now we all know that everyone has a different type of body. Some people are tall, some are short, some are heavy whereas some are slim. So when you are buying a hoodie you need to keep your body-type in mind and buy a hoodie accordingly so that it would look great on you and not look like it was borrowed from a friend.


Slim people: 

If you are on the slim side, you can go for a slim sized hoodie, which looks a lot modern and decent. However if you are slim, as well as tall, you can try an oversized hoodie. 

Muscular people: 

If you are muscular we would recommend a slim fit, zipless hoodie.

Heavy people:

If you are on the heavy side, you need to find a hoodie which basically flatters your shape. A slim fit may draw attention to your belly, so Slim fit is not recommended. If you are very tall, you can go with a much larger hoodie, that would take away the attention from your physique but if you are not as tall, buying a very large hoodie would make you look more heavier, so you need to find that perfect balance where the size doesn’t look very large, nor is it fit enough to draw attention to your belly. 


Short people:

If you are on the short side, you need to go with slim fit hoodies, going with an extra large, or oversized hoodie will make you look wider, and the wider you look, the more attention you draw to your height. So Slim-Fit or even regular fit hoodies are the best options for you. 

Tall people: 

If you are tall you need to make sure your hoodie is not small in size as that doesn’t look good. You can go with a regular length, which would be till your belt. You can also try oversized hoodies.

How To Style A Black Hoodie? 

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If you are wearing a no zip hoodie, you can wear any undershirt you like, or if you are going wear a Zip up hoodie and you are going to have the Zip up through out, you can use an undershirt or a plain t-shirt. 

If you are going to open the zip, then I would highly recommend a plain white T-Shirt beneath the black hoodie. It creates a great look. 


For the bottom you can go with whatever you like the most. If you are going with jeans, it would be a good idea to go with lighter colours. 

If you are going to be wearing a trouser or sweatpants, then  I would highly recommend going with the same black color, or any other dark color. 


You can pair your outfit up with any sneaker you like, white sneakers would look really good with a black hoodie.


You can easily achieve an all-black-everything look with a black hoodie. This look is very easy to achieve and looks very trendy and modern. 

To get the all-black-everything look, you need to have a black hoodie, a black t-shirt underneath, black trousers or jeans and then pair it up with a black pair of sneakers, my personal favourite are the Vans all black. 


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