In this article, we will guide you on how to slick back long hair. Now, as we all know, The classic slick back look is not going anywhere in 2019. It’s still one of the best and the easiest hairstyle you can get. Although if you have long hair, you might face some issues while trying to get the slick back look, but worry not! Lookswise is here to save the day, and help you get that classy slick back with your long hair.

Generally, most people’s long hair do not slick back naturally and in case if you have curly hair, holding your hair back and getting a slick back look, can be a big problem especially for longer periods of time. With longer hair, you might face the problem of your slick back parting down in the middle naturally after some time, or just generally not staying in the same position, as they should be. Good news is, you simply have to follow the proper method and use the right products, and you’ll have a classic slick back look in no time!

We’ll also give you some tips and tricks so you can get achieve the perfect slick back hairstyle!

So without any further ado, let’s get started!

Step by step process to make your long hair slick back:

To get the slick back look with long hairs the barber is cleaning the sides with a trimmer

Here is the step by step that would guide you on how to slick back long hair.

Wash your hair thoroughly

Start off by washing your hair. This helps in removing any product that you previously applied, and makes it easier to style your hair.

Comb your hair

After you wash your hair, take a comb, ideally a wide-tooth comb and delicately pull your hair back.

Use a blow-dryer

This step is optional but can really help you get that perfect slick back look. Secondly, it adds more volume into your hair.

Apply products

Perhaps the most important step. Apply your product, either a pomade or a wax. If you don’t know which product to use, or which brands pomade or wax you should be using, don’t worry we will be discussing that too later in this article.

Comb back your hair and give the final touch

Now comb your hair back and give it a final touch to get the best shape.

Use hairspray to lock the hairstyle

If your pomade or wax has a light hold, or if you want to keep this look on for a longer time period, you can try using hairspray on your finished hairstyle. This would lock the look for a long time and make your hair stay where they are. We’ll talk about hairsprays ahead too.

Products Required To Slick Back Long Hair:

A finished slick back look with long hairs

To achieve the slick back men’s hairstyle especially with long hair, you’ll need the right products.

There are three main products that you should consider to achieve the slick back look with long hair. These include:

  • Pomade
  • Wax
  • Hairspray

Before suggesting you which pomade, wax or hairspray you should get, first we’ll tell you more about each of the product. Once you know the details about each product, you’ll be able to make a better decision and get the product that works best for you.

So let’s get started!


Pomade is a manufactured oil that gives the hair a glow that makes it smooth to feel, shine to sight, and slick all day long. Although an important point to note here is that this look won’t be there for long. Pomade is generally a mix of wax and greasy oil. The wax gives the solidness while the oil saturates the hair and holds it together. After some time, both the oil and the wax dries out and your hairs start to cluster together. One way to fix this is to reapply the pomade before the hair dry out. Although once if the hair do get dry, you’ll have no other options then to washing your hair and re-starting the whole process.

Pomade is the main styling item for men who need to smooth back their hair. Generally, there are two kinds of pomade: oil based and water based.

Oil-based pomade is good for dry hair and they provide a good amount of shine to the hair and a decent hold. The only downside is, its hard to wash it out of your hair.

The good thing about water-based pomades is that it also offers a decent amount of hold and shine but it can be easily washed out from hair with water.

Most pomade brands make an assortment of holds and shine from which you can choose. This gives you a lot of options to choose from and get the product that you think best fits you. Prefer more shine? Go for a high shine pomade. Like more hold, go for the high hold pomade. Want both? (High shine and high hold) there are pomades that provide both! Although for a slick back with long hair, we recommend a pomade with medium to high hold. As far as shine is concerned, that’s up to you if you want low, mid or high shine.

Here are our favorite pomades:

American Crew Pomade

This pomade has a medium hold with high shine. Functions quite well for wavy hair. It can be used to make a great slick back style. To apply, work a little sum equally through the dry hair and style as wanted (Ideally pull the hair back with a comb).

This product is water based, so it shampoos out effectively without buildup.

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Imperial Barber Grade Product Classic Pomade

With an even and smooth application, the classic pomade enables you to change the holding quality relying upon the measure of water in your hair. For a lighter hold, apply with water or on soggy hair. The most grounded hold can be accomplished with a marginally heavier sum on dry hair.

It is additionally water reactivatable, which takes into account simple restyling with a very small amount of water. On top of that, you get an astounding hold with the straightforward comfort of washing out the item spotless and simple.

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Hair Wax

Wax is one of the most established product for men’s hair. It has been around since before the Roman era. The drawback of styling waxes is that they oppose washing; it can take a few washes to get wax out of your styled hair.

The benefits are; the wax is flexible and simpler to apply. It can provide a great hold. Another drawback of was is it does not give you as much shine as you would have wanted, especially for a slick back look. For those men who need to hold their hair back and looking normal without including extra weight or shine, the wax is the ideal styling item. Here are our favorite hair waxes.

Jack Black’s Wax

A classic wax for men. It is an ideal item for cleaning and controlling frizz and smoothing hair into spot. It keeps the hair set up for expanded periods.

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Clays are new products in the hair products market which use powdered mineral items to give solidness rather than fats or waxes. They will, in general, be on the more costly side, however, they give a hardened hold like a pomade without the shine, which some people don’t like and want their hair to look natural. Most hair clays flush out effectively in warm water.

Lately, hair clays are being used by Barbers to get the slick back look. In the event that you have sleek hair, hair clay is great since it will make your hair drier and give it a nicer texture.

Coming up next are some of our favorite hair clays.

Baxter of California Hair Clay

Solid hold, matte finish hair clay. Whether you have long hair or short. Whether you want a slick back look or not. This clay is something that every man should have. Provides you with a wonderful, flexible hold with a nice matte finish. Perfect for those who want their hair to look natural and avoid extra artificial shine yet want a good solid hold.

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Smooth Viking

This styling hair clay gives the solid, throughout the day hold and matte finish you will require while you are occupied with your day’s activities.

This item contains a mix of fixings that will give you the solid hold your hair needs to keep your style looking slick and clean throughout the day. So if you play sports or sweat vigorously, this might be a better product for you.

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Hair Spray

Canned hair sprays are one of the stiffest fixers for a haircut. It coats the outside of the hair with a quick-drying polymer that ties to itself, bringing about solidified packs of hair. This makes an extremely fixed and etched look. The downside, however, is that your hair will feel hardened when you touch them.

Here are some of our favorite hair sprays.

TRESemme Extra Hold Hair Spray

As the name suggests, this hair spray provides you with extra hold. It also provides frizz control. This hairspray can help you keep your hair in place for a long time.

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TIGI Bed Head Masterpiece Hair Spray

For your hair to shine and hold. This is an unquestionable must have to complete hair spray that gives amazingly great shine and holds on to any hairstyle.

To apply, you need to hold the can eight to ten inches away from your hair and spray over the styled hair or you can spot spray, whichever way you like it. For the completing touch, hold the can ten to twelve inches away from the hair in short blasts over finished hairstyle.

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Tips and Tricks On How To Slick Back Long Hair:

Barber cutting hairs so the long hairs can slick back

Give your long slick back hair a direction

If you have long hair and you are trying to get the slick back look, you might face a common problem that most men with long hair face, the hair part down in the middle after some time. The most common reason for this to happen is, you are trying to slick your hair straight back. This way they have no direction and cause them to split. To solve this, simply give your hair a direction. Either slightly pull your hair back towards left, or towards the right. A very slight direction gives your hair the strength to not fall apart.

Train your hair to slick back

Regularly comb back your hair gently with a comb. This helps in training your hair to slick back.

How To Maintain Your Slick Back Long Hair:

Now that you achieved a slick back look, it’s time to learn how to maintain the look, as well as your hair.


Everyday shampooing is not recommended for men. Except if you have uncommonly slick hair or are presented to a lot of dust particles, everyday shampooing will eventually result to peeling off rich oils. You can check out dry shampoos, which helps you clean your hair without the need for washing them. Men with slick long hair should wash consistently but use shampoo rarely.

Hair Conditioner

Hair conditioner is helpful for men with hair that are normally light and dry. Men with thick hair who have hair that normally stick to each other do not have much use for a conditioner. Conditioner might be very useful if your hair are dry or if you are living in a dry atmosphere.


Combs help gathers up dead hair to give new ones a chance to develop in. Men with longer hair may need to move up to a hair comb (ideally a wide tooth comb).

All right, that’s it. We hope this guide helps you in achieving the perfect slick back look with your long hair. You can check out our Top ten best beard care products as-well if you have a beard, and want to groom it properly. If you want a top ten best hair-care products, let us know down in the comments!


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