Jeans are the go-to thing to wear when you are going out of the house. They go with almost everything, you can put on a simple white t-shirt, a fancy button-up shirt, a hoodie, sweatshirt, or if you want to smart dress, a collared shirt with a blazer. The options are endless and jeans look good with almost anything thanks to their great versatility. 

Now a question that most people ask is, Should I be washing my jeans? Or How often should I wash my jeans? 

The response of people on this topic is polarised. Some say, “No wash!”. While some say, “Eww”. So we decided to weigh in on this topic, and give our opinion on it. 

So the reason why some people will suggest you not to wash your jeans is that frequently washing fades away your jeans and it causes damage to the material, simply put it makes your jeans look worn off. 

Some people prefer a natural worn off (well-worn) look on jeans. The problem with washing is it gives the entire jeans a worn off look which doesn’t look good. Naturally jeans will worn off from areas where you make contact. For example, your pockets, you keep putting in and out your phone and wallet etc, so near the pocket area due to frequent contact, the jeans get a bit worn off. It creates contrast and gives that classic look which many people desire to get on their jeans.

So to make your jeans last longer and get that natural well-worn look, and to even save wastage of water due to unnecessary washing, some manufacturers suggest not to wash jeans including Levis 501, whose CEO and President said he doesn’t wash his jeans.

How to keep jeans clean? 

The question that arises here is, how do I keep my jeans clean then?

First of all, it depends on how you wear your jeans. So for example if you work at an office and wear dress pants for most of the time and occasionally wear jeans, then in that case you don’t necessarily have to wash your jeans unless its really required, on the other hand if you are wearing jeans to college, the same jeans everyday for 30 days a month, in that case you should be washing your jeans frequently.

How to clean your jeans without washing them: 

There are ways to clean your jeans without necessarily throwing them into a washing machine. Full-washing them should be your last option. To make your jeans last longer, you should be avoiding washing them as much as possible. Jeans should be washed when you think its really necessary. Now let’s talk about some of the ways you can clean your jeans without washing them. 


The CEO of Levis suggests never to wash your jeans and tells the method he uses to clean his jeans which basically is Freezing. 

Now as ridiculous as this may sound but freezing your jeans might help in killing the germs and making your jeans less smelly according to Levis.

Though some think this is just a myth and freezing won’t help in killing those bacterias. You can read more here.

Now if you are wondering how often you should do this, the CEO of Levis says once a month for one hour!

Spot Washing Your Jeans:

A good way to clean your jeans if it accidentally got dirty is to spot wash it. You can do that with the help of a toothbrush or a wet cloth. Clean the area that is dirty only. This way you don’t end up washing the entire jeans. This method is also used by the CEO of Levis Jeans.

Out in sun and air:

If you want your jeans to smell fresh, you can try hanging them out in the sun. Let them sit out for a while in the air, it might help in making them less smelly. 

Hand washing Your Jeans:

If you have had enough of this “Never wash your jeans” and do decide to wash them, then it’s better to hand wash them instead of the machine. It won’t damage the material of the jeans as much as the machine would do.

Washing your jeans inside out:

If you are washing your jeans, machine or hands, its suggested you turn the jeans inside out and then wash them.


In the end, it comes down to a personal choice, do you want to make your jeans long later by not washing them for longer periods of time, or do you want better hygiene and buying a new pair often. 


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